About Martha

Hello I’m Martha Gifford a local Nail artist since 1993; I have opened a specialty boutique Nail Salon in the Chattanooga area offering Pedicures, Manicures and Gel Overlays. My shingle is hung on South Broad Street in the Southern Saddlery Company building, a quiet, relaxed, and controlled atmosphere, feels like home to me, and for that I am thankful.

I pride myself on giving a great service and considering each client as an individual with individual wants and needs. Just tell me what you want and that’s what you will get, you are the boss.

I have been fortunate in this business to be blessed with great people who appreciate a great service. It is my wish to reconnect with clients and those who have known me previously as well as acquire new clients and friends.

If you are visiting my fair city and would like to experience a bit of Chattanooga’s history, I will be happy to help you navigate this wonderful southern city plus have a really cool Mani or Pedi: give me a call or send a text to:  423-667-2553

Thanks for stopping by,
Love Martha!